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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute an emotional night after a of mr. is gunned down. >> we will never forget what you did for us. >> his killer is identified. at work, he was nice. >> a friend of the gunmen says attack that has rocked the region.
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live and in hd, this is breaking news. developments in the at virginia tech. students come together to the officer murdered on campus. hundreds honored the life of officer deriek crouse. state police tell us that 22- ross ashley killed the his ownbefore taking life. we have reaction from a friend of ashley. university in the news. at virginia tech, sadness and mourned and other violent death. as a sea of virginia tech students poured into the field
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vigil, news spread the identified the police say shot and killed officer crouse. ross ashley was a part-time neighboring radford college. >> i do not believe he would do like this. it is so sad. say wednesday night, at gunpoint.a car afternoon, he dumped virginia tech campus. for some undone reason, he walked up to the opposite and shot him. spreaddy that once again terror for the kick virginia tech community. -- for the virginia tech community. this violence, this tragedy has brought this university together to mourn. this time, his father and
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brother. ago, students came after another gunman people.3 many tonight were not here four stopped atbut they the memorial killed for those -- killed in 2007. >> ♪ >> this is the have made memorial at the students placed here tonight. officer.ial to the hopede students said they go throughhave to this again. we're reporting live in blacksburg. >> the president of rockford university released a statement. -- radford university released a
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statement. frome're also hearing with the gunmen up south of washington. tonightzales is live with exclusive details. quickly finding that one of their thiss to blame for shooting at virginia tech. the reaction across the small town appears to be the same. under shock. >> they need to find out why. >> this is not the notoriety this town ever expected. this is where the 22-year-old gun men lived with his family and grew up. the large home nestled in the dark is completely tonight. like a normal kid.
11:05 pm >> he was most recently living campus at radford university from virginia tech. his neighbors said ashley was quiet and kept to himself. >> i did not know it was that close to home. >> is quite a comedown community figure out why this man snapped. why he stole an suv at gunpoint attacked an officer. >> there are so many different factors. know-it was a business major, described as a hard worker. >> it is kind of scary because you want your kids to be safe when they leave home. the house dark tonight, it does not appear that
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family has been home all evening. this area ford in about 13 years. in a town of a lonely 2000 residents, some wonder if maybe signs wentg unnoticed. >> so many questions. we will have coverage of the tech shootings 24 hours a day. have the latest during all weekend long. for instance of kids, go to -- for instance, gates, a former prince george's county councilwoman leslie johnson is headed toe prison. she was sentenced to one year prison for in investigation into your husband corruption case. her husband was sentenced to than seven years in prison earlier this week. johnson will also have to
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perform community service when she is released. >> we ask for a your thoughts on sentencing on our facebook page. of you wrote to us and thought she got off easy. turning now to our coverage for the white house. we're less than 24 hours away from bill next showdown. they will be debating in iowa, the first caucus. it will air tomorrow night on abc 7. the candidates are already at gingrich. >> mitt romney has lost his of then at the top republican field. to unleash the on newt gingrich.
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ronnie stopped short of criticizing gingrich's record. he opened the door -- opened the to doing back in tomorrow night's debate. have differing views been some issues. that, a plan like, but gingrich criticized. >> he called this right-wing engineering. a very important protect medicare and to protect social security. >> with less than a month until iowa caucuses, gingrich has lead and three of the foreboding states. -- three of the early of voting states. >> this debate could not be happening at a more important time. between two people.
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>> gingrich might find it hard to dodge the incoming fire at saturday night's debate. >> you can see that debate tomorrow night at 9:00. candidate rick perry some new headlines over a gas. time, -- gaffe. this time, he said there are 8 supreme court justice. there are nine. let's turn to the weather. no sign of rain this evening. bob ryan joins us with a first look of what to expect. >> i am trying to see that full moon. it is a beautiful night.
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look at the temperatures. right now, it is still in the 40 positrons washington. -- 40's around washington. lot of sunshine, we have had a a sunny weekend. how long will it last? be adversaries on football field, but tonight, the army-navy bottle came together to celebrate. more than 2000 people converged on the convention center. army and navy will be playing at for the first time. the kickoff is at 2:30 tomorrow. coming up, the legend of marion into a movie. the plant and the works and the actor set to play for life.led mayor
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an alert for every parent, especially if you have a teenager. isa popular part in maryland dealing with an unusual problem. we will explain
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you are watching abc7 news harris, alison .tarling, bob ryan is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. a bit of an unusual showdown out in the middle of land. the target. issued aservice has warning to pet owners. we are live in the newsroom. >> the national historical park potomac is a popular place
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for dog owners. it has a pretty substantial deer population. the park service says in rules, some dog their petsallowed in off leash. is sparking some big problems. it is not hard to find a deer in this part. -- park. ranger said there is a growing problem with visiting dogs to roam free by their owners. is the first time we had major wildlife issues. >> dogs are chasing and attacking the deer population. >> it is animal instinct. >> experts say dogs have the to chase.sire for them, it is a game. >> park officials say two dogs this deer into a creek friday, where it broke its leg
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be put down. >> we were able to catch one of the dogs. unfortunately, the deer did not survive. >> the larger dog ran off. >> the owners need to have more over their animals. seen dogs kept in a day be aggressive, too. >> when you do not have it on a it can cause havoc. >> the park service says there are other problems. there are dog fights and dogs are being lost. the rules say dogs have to be on a six-foot leash. by leaders can face fines up to $1,000. -- violators can face fines up to $1,000. holdamily and friends will
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for an this weekend missing that has been for a week. dunkin disappeared after he did managed -- aom a 35-year-old vanished in the recover ae trying to dead deer. a richmond area woman is in with the law, accusing -- accused of faking a case of cancer. pretended that she had cancer in order to solicit financial contributions. she said she was diagnosed with cancer four times. was never treated by doctors she claimed she was saying. pennsylvania senator wants appe to stop offering this called license. stillould help criminals
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even pose and might to national security. eddie murphy is going to marion barry in a film about the former d.c. mayor and current city council member. hbo says that spike lee will murphy in this made for television film. it will cover the years from 1977 until 1990. , but he hascomedian dramatic roles. >> interesting choice. no drama in our weather. the drama was a few days ago all of that rain. look at what he did to the potomac. falls, it looks exciting. you do not want to be out in stuff like this. we have millions of gallons of water flowing down the potomac every second.
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41 degrees. about 700,000 gallons per second going down the potomac today. it was such a spectacular sky. isn't that gorgeous? 51 degrees, are high temperature. bit above average. the cold front you can in the mid part of the country. there is really not any spot is really colder than average. now, our current is 41 it is in the middle of december. that is a reinforcing upsurge with the overall pattern that we air that will be coming our way. it is still dry.
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overnight denied, that there is our futurecast. temperatures, we still have that beautiful full moon is out there. the long this night of the year, isn't it? tomorrow, temperatures will the low 40's. tomorrow night, finally, we see the temperatures below freezing for the first time. when you head out tomorrow, a sunshine, but a cold morning. during the afternoon, some of those fair weather clouds, still day, a bit on the breezy side. mid-40' in the the wins will settle down. as we get into sunday, rake the leaves. tomorrow, it is a great day for the army-navy game. after that, temperatures begin
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to recover a little bit. enjoy the weekend. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. team dumps you and thatre in their house, memory will linger. use their embarrassing loss against toronto as fire tonight. 1-0 caps. what a beauty. 2-0 caps, momentum rolling. he becomes the first cap to
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score a hat trick. wizards announced they signed roger mason junior. this is his second stint with washington. he can play both guard positions. helps alleviate some of the for the wizards to sign nick young. the shortened preseason and turnaround will most present some fitness issues. coach says he expected out a little rusty. he believes the team might its youth.m >> this is a new beginning. this is a new team. >> i know what it takes to lead a team. know what it takes to control things.
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>> good to see him again. tom brady might warrant some therity of the decision on patriots' offense. the redskins credit. washington has the ninth best the league. in you still have to watch out for that. basically, he is bradys favorite target. hall explains why he is so dangerous. he finds a way. they have a major connection. they are able to find each other. >> the national's traded right- to detroit in another rightie. >> good deal. glad to see the caps getting
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like sunshine for the weekend? we got it. able be below freezing tomorrow night and into sunday. keep posted on the weather and everything else got coming day - >> it almost looks computer- generated. there you go. that is it for us. have a good weekend. we will see you on monday night. what makes the sleep number store different?
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